Exciting End To The 5th Wave Trilogy.



Book Three in Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave series is full of action.  The fast moving story ties up some things while leaving room for readers to speculate what happens next and fan theories to grow.  Cassi, Zombie, Ringer, Megan and Sam are trying to get Evan back.  He has been taken by the human/aliens for reprogramming.  We learn more about the silencers and who they are as the team comes in contact with them.  The book is also largely about the evolution of Ringer as a character.  She has the alien technology in her but she can how use it to help the humans instead of hurt them.  Cassi also has an important role to play in saving what is left of humanity.  The book is very fast paced and exciting. But in the mist of all the action, the characters are still able to reflect on what it means to be alive in this war zone.  The idea is interesting that the aliens might see us as bugs that need to be exterminated.  We do not usually feel bad if we wipe out a colony of ants or cockroaches.  That gave me a lot to think about.  Fans of the first two books will love this.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Cassi says she is having more cravings than a pregnant woman.  If you were a survivor during the apocalypse, what would you crave the most?

Discuss what losing your ABCs would mean.

Discuss the relationship between Cassi and Evan.  How he feeds her when she is hungry but it is very complex.

Discuss this passage, “The world used to contain two Bens, the real Ben who didn’t know I existed, and the imaginary Ben, who feds me popcorn with buttery fingers.  Now there were three.” pp. 33

Discuss this passage, “Our true selves shimmered like a desert mirage forever receding into the distance.” pp. 34.

Discuss what it would mean to destroy culture.

Discuss Ringer’s bombshell.

During the book, did you think aliens were real or are the humans behind this?

What do you think will happen next with the survivors?  Where do they go from here?

Great Book For Divergent Readers Suffering From Withdrawl

Four: A Divergent Story Collection (Divergent, #0.1 - 0.4)I love a good retelling of a story from a different view.  I wasn’t crazy about the Divergent series.  I loved book one and it went downhill from there.  Four was my favorite character and I was happy to get a chance to hear the story from his perspective.  The story starts while he is still in Abnegation as he takes the aptitude test that will tell him which faction he should choose at the upcoming ceremony.  If you’ve read the series you already know he chooses Dauntless.  However, the events leading up to that decision are new.  We see how terrified he is of Marcus, his abusive father.  Four looks at each of the factions during the choosing ceremony to make his decision sort of on the fly, rationalizing how he would do in each faction before settling on Dauntless.   The stories are divided into sections with Tris making an appearance in the later ones.  It is a quick read and one that will only make sense if you have read the first book at least.  It makes me want to give book three another try.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

What would your fear landscape look like?  Discuss your top four fears.  How could you confront them?

Discuss how Tobais rationalizes his decisions about how he would fit in each faction before choosing Dauntless. Where would you fit in?

Discuss how Tobais took on his new name quickly.  What new name would you want?  How does taking this name change him?

Discuss this passage, “I left that place our of fear and defiance, and that will make it harder to assimilate than anyone knows, harder than if I had actually chosen Dauntless for the right reason. (pg. 133)

Discuss his reaction to his mother.  What would you do if you were in his shoes?

Do you look at Tris any differently after seeing her from Four’s point of view?