Fun Teen Romance – Alex, Approximately Is A Must Read For 2017

30312700I love the movie, You’ve Got Mail.  So when Alex, Approximately was sold in the vein, I had to read it.  It is a fun read both teens and adults will enjoy.  Bailey is moving in with her dad in a California town. Her mom’s marriage isn’t going so well which is why Bailey is ready for the switch. She meets Alex online at a chat room for film enthusiasts.  He only knows Bailey as Mink, her nickname.  Alex wants her to visit and watch North by Northwest with him on the beach.  He lives in the same town as her dad.  She keeps the fact that she is moving there a secret, figuring she might try to hunt him down before revealing herself  She has a cool vespa and job at an interesting cave/mansion/museum.  The only issue is the obnoxious security guard, surfer named Porter.  While Bailey tries to follow the clues to Alex, Porter gets under her skin.  After irritating each other, a romance begins. Bailey is torn between Porter and Alex who she’s never met. Little does she know that Porter is Alex, approximately.  This is a fun teen romance that has a great sense of place.  I felt like I was in the museum or at the beach with Bennett’s descriptive writing.  The story line about how Porter got his scar and his family history of surfing is a good plot line as well. I have a fear of sharks too. This is one to put our your to read list for 2017.  It will be released April 4th.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Discuss online relationships.  Are they a good idea?  Have you ever had one?

Discuss any old movies you’ve seen that you liked.  Have you seen any mentioned in the book?

Talk about Bailey’s sense of Old Hollywood style.  What is your style?

Discuss the friendship between Porter and his friend with the drug problems.

What would you do if you were locked in the museum overnight?

Discuss what draws Porter and Bailey together even when they didn’t hit it off right away.

Why do you think Bailey’s mother didn’t contact her that summer?

Discuss Porter’s reaction when he found out that Bailey was Mink.





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