Readers Who Love Music Will Love Red Velvet Crush


Teddy Lee’s somewhat deadbeat brother, Winston, has an idea.  If he built a band around her talent and songwriting, he and the radio station where he works could make some money.  Enter Ty, Ginger Baker and Jay.  They come from another school which might as well be a different world.  They have great musical skills and money.  But when it comes time for Teddy Lee to sing, her sister Billie jumps in.  Billie is her younger sister who is everything Teddy Lee is not.  She is wispy, blond and sings in a smoky voice that Teddy Lee knows is better than hers.  Billie exudes confidence and sex appeal where Teddy Lee feels more awkward.  When adorable Ty starts to show interest, Teddy Lee hopes it is for real.  The two start a budding romance that involves their shared love of music.  Teddy Lee is a songwriter but she doesn’t want her sister to sing the songs she poured her heart into.  When the band goes on a summer tour things happen that can cause permanent damage.  This story is about both love and sisterly rivalry and the horrible wounds that only sisters can inflict on each other.  This book is a great read alike for fans of Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist.    I highly recommend this one as a great summer read.  It comes out in June.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Discuss this passage, “She bumps along with a smile on her face, knocking into everyday shit, unknowingly changes the trajectory of everything around her.  Lives, furniture, even things that appear to be set in stone are nudged into another dimension when she bounces up against them:  poor unprepared world.”

Discuss this passage, “I am kind of amazed that he is telling: flat out, up front, admitting to something that most people would try to push under the rug or pretend never happened until some unforeseen situation forces it to light later on and by then it seems even bigger and uglier because of the wait.  The truth always finds its way out.”

Discuss this passage, “Sometimes smashing the guitar to bits is more important than the song.”

Discuss with Teddy Lee says she can’t let Billie have everything.  Discuss their relationship and how she felt when Billie took over singing in the garage.

Discuss Teddy Lee and Ty’s experience at The Wall Of Sound.

Talk about how Teddy Lee’s relationship changes with Billie.

Discuss when Teddy Lee says to her father, “He could have been everything.” And her father says “Nobody else should be everything, then where are you?”

Discuss how Teddy Lee’s relationship with Ginger Beard changes.

What do you think will happen between Teddy Lee and Ty?









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