Quirky New Teen Read Will Thrill Fans Of Sherlock


Brittany Cavallaro’s new series on Sherlock lore is great fun!  Charlotte Holmes is just as socially unaware, drug addicted and brilliant as her great-great-great-great grandfather, the famous Sherlock Holmes.  The premise of this book is that Holmes and Dr. Watson were real people.  Dr. Watson wrote all of the great stories.  His descendents are not too terribly fond of the Holmes family.  They think they are weird.  Somehow Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson end up in the same American boarding school.  Both are accused of a murder of a fellow student. Jamie recently beat him up. They quickly fall into the same type of relationship as their forebears.  They have the same fun chemistry and banter as the original characters.  This book has heavy content such as rape and drug use.  It is more for older teens.  I think this book is great fun and adults will love it too.  It is a series and I look forward to other installments.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Discuss this passage when Watson thinks, “It felt disconcertingly, as though I stood with one foot in a novel and one foot in a shopping mall.  I might’ve belonged here, but Holmes very much didn’t.”

Discuss the Galway Kinnell poem, “Wait, for now.  Distrust everything, if you have to.  But trust the hours.  Haven’t they carried you everywhere, up to now?”

Discuss what the Watson family thinks of the Holmes family.

Discuss Charlotte’s relationship with her older brother.

Discuss Charlotte’s behavior and how she figures things out.  Could you deduce something?

Discuss Charlotte’s addiction issues and how that affected her relationship with Moriarty.

Why do you think Jamie Watson is drawn to protect her?



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