The Selection Series Keeps Going Strong With Book #4, The Heir.


Kiera Cass’s The Heir takes place many years after The Selection. King Maxon and Queen America rule a much different Illea.  The caste system is gone but there is much unrest.  Their daughter, Eadlyn is 18 and the heir to the throne.  To create a distraction for the troubled kingdom, they hold a male selection.  Thirty-five young men from across the kingdom are vying to be prince consort to the powerful and beautiful Eadlyn.  If you are hoping for more Maxon and American romance, you may be disappointed.  This book is all about their daughter and her quest to balance power, duty and her own desires.  She has no interest in finding a mate but she reluctantly agrees to this to ease her father’s worries about the kingdom.  The selection from the different perspective is interesting.  Eadlyn is a very different character than her mother.  Cass created a great group of side characters.  The men in the selection have very different personalities and motivations.  Some, like Henri are endearing.  The twist is that Marlee’s son, Kile is one of the selected.  He grew up in the palace and Eadlyn cannot stand him.  That dynamic is very interesting as well as her relationship with her brothers.  I was thrilled that Cass extended the trilogy.  I loved being back in this world of Illea.  Even though I saw less of my favorite characters, Eadlyn grew on me.  It asks questions about what a princess should be.  Should she have to get married at all? I am looking forward to Eadlyn’s story continue in The Crown that comes out in May of 2016.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Discuss how Jack and Burke’s attacks made Eadlyn feel.

Discuss how Eadlyn’s relationship with Kile changes.

Discuss when Eadlyn thinks, “This was why love was a terrible idea:  it makes you weak.  And there was no one in the world as powerful as me.”

Discuss what a ruler should be?  Should Eadlyn have to get married?

Discuss what is appealing about Hale, Henri, Kile, Ean or any others.

Which of the selected would you pick?

Discuss how Eadlyn’s was surprised at how the subjects

What type of person would be best for Eadlyn?

Discuss how Eadlyn compares herself to Camille from France.

Discuss Eadlyn’s conversation with her maid, Neena about her fiance having a higher skill job than she does.

Discuss how America and Eadlyn are similar.  How are they different?

What do you think of Ahren’s letter?



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