Lauren Myracles’ yolo Tackles Tough Issues For College Freshman In Funny, Heartfelt Teen Read

yoloI had not read the first three Internet Girls books, ttyl, ttfn, or l8r g8r.  It was fine because yolo is strong enough to stand on its own.  Best friends, Maddie, Angela and Zoe are starting college at three different universities.  Maddie goes the furthest to California, Zoe at Kenyon College in Ohio, and Angela stays home in Georgia and gets involved in the Greek scene.  Like the first three books, the story is told through texts, phone calls and chats.  The friends deal with many first year of college issues, making new friends, painful breakups, hazing, taking classes you don’t like, dealing with roommates and date rape. I had some crappy roommate experiences in college and this book brought back memories.  The girls share very real problems in a realistic way, staying in constant communication even though they are many miles away from one another.  I enjoyed this book very much!  Fans of the series will love it, and it is a solid novel even if you have not read the other books.  I enjoyed the journey of Zoe as she turns to running and writing to deal with her pain.  I loved watching Angela evolve and make a good boyfriend choice instead of following the sorority herd.  Maddie does what many young people do, hide what is going on with them with a super positive social media image.  Many young readers will relate to these girls and find inspiration on how do deal with their own problems.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Discuss Zoe’s worries about Doug not wanting her to visit.

Discuss Doug’s breakup with Zoe.  How would you have handled it?

Discuss Angela’s relationship with Reid.

Discuss the yolo plan, saying yes to new experiences.

Discuss the verbal abuse and expectations from the Zetas.  Would you stay or depledge.  Discuss the date rape.

What do you think of Canyon?

Talk about what happens with Angela, Lucy and the homeless man.

What do you think is going on with Maddie when she deletes her Facebook page?  What did you think was really going on?  What would you do if you were going through that?



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