Rainbow Rowell Does It Again With Beautiful Love Story In Fangirl!

FangirlOh Rainbow Rowell, how I love you!  I know I am in for a fantastic reading experience when I pick up one of your books.  Cather and Wren are twins.  They are going to the same university.  Wren drops the bomb on Cath when she tells her she does not want to be her roommate.  Cath has never been without Wren and this freaks her out.  Cath wants to be a writer and is already a widely read one.  She writes fan fiction for Simon Snow, a Harry Potter like character.  Social situations are very stressful for Cath.  Without Wren, she is not sure how she will handle it.  Cath’s roommate is a girl who was hoping to live alone, but is stuck with Cath instead.  She is rather gruff, but has a friend named Levi who takes a liking to Cath.  Cath is in for a ton of confusing feelings and social situations to get through.  She would rather stay in her dorm room and write her fan fiction.  Another student, Nick, tries to take credit for her work.  Wren wants to find their mother.  Levi likes her, but then kisses another girl.  How is Cath supposed to deal with all of this?  One of my favorite moments is when Cath says, “Smiling is confusing.  That is why I don’t do it.”  She helps Levi with his homework because of a secret of his.  I love that she reads The Outsiders to him.  It is one of my favorite books.  Rowell creates such endearing characters.  I found my own shy self in Cath and could relate when she was stressed out about finding the cafeteria in the dorm room.  I love how she evolves as the story unfolds.  I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Ideas for discussing with teens:

Discuss fan fiction.  If you could pick a book or tv show to write about, what would you pick?
Discuss how Cath discovers boys after her split from Abel.
Do you think Abel was really Cath’s boyfriend?
Why do you think Wren needed a break from Cath?  Discuss how Cath reacted.
Discuss Reagan and Cath’s relationship.
Discuss Nick & Cath’s relationship.  Discuss her relationship with Levi.
Read page 142 out loud and discuss.
Talk about Cath’s night with Levi after reading The Outsiders.
Why do you think Levi kissed Cath and then the other girl.  What would you have thought?
Discuss this passage, “Smiling is confusing.  That is why I don’t do it.” (pg. 208)
Talk about when Nick wants to use their joint story for his assignment.
Discuss Cath’s decision not to let the story she and Nick wrote together get published.  What would you have done?
Discuss when Levi says, “I choose you over everyone.” (pg. 409)
Read out loud the passage on the last page and discuss.

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