Great Ending For Across The Universe Trilogy


Shades of Earth (Across the Universe, #3)The final book in Beth Revis’ Across The Universe Trilogy starts with Amy and Elder preparing to land on the planet.  There are plenty of shipborns and frozens on board.  As soon as they land the unfreezing process begins and Amy is excited to be reunited with her parents.  Her father is now in charge and this leads to a power struggle with Elder.  Very quickly we get a glimpse of the monsters that Orion warns about and they are terrifying.  When the ship shuts itself down with the supplies inside they have to figure out how to survive until they can get it back open.  Orion is also thawing while the ship is in shut down mode.  Then people start disappearing and bodies are found.  Phydus is at play,  but where is it coming from?  We learn that this landing party wasn’t the first one, and there is much more to this new Centuri-Earth.  Secrets are revealed and who the enemy is becomes unclear very quickly.  Amy wonders if she should trust her own father and if there is truth to Orion’s belief that the shipborns will be either slaves or soldiers.  It brings up interesting questions about people on the planet being used for profit and what was the real reason for the mission.  There is also an interesting Jurassic Park element.    The frozens have dark secrets of their own, including Amy’s parents.  This book is a fast and exciting read.

Ideas for discussing with teens:

Is it better to be oblivious?  Think of the people who took phydus.

Discuss the power struggle between the frozens and Elder.

Would you want to stat on the planet or go back to Earth?

What was your first impression of the “aliens?”  How did your perception change?

How do you feel about Orion after you learned what he knew?  Would you have done what he did?  What would you have done?


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