New Angel Powers Relvealed In Cynthia Hand’s Exciting Conclusion To The Unearthly Series

Boundless (Unearthly, #3)Clara is now single, yearning for the lost love of Tucker.  She, Christian and Angela are beginning freshman year at Stanford.  She is going to attempt a relationship with Christian.  Angela is acting strange and she comes to realize that Angela is pregnant with the child of the mysterious angel blood she met in Italy.  Clara is having frightening visions of a dark place with Christian and her father, Archangel Michael wants to train her for battle.  All of this has her pretty freaked out.  In this final book of the trilogy, we learn some new tricks that Clara can do with her triplare angel blood powers.  Those powers keep drawing her back to Tucker which is painful for both of them.  At the same time dark forces are closing in on her brother, Jeffery.  But will Clara be strong enough to save him?  And should she risk everything to do so.  I really enjoyed this series.  I love it when Archangel Michael shows up to add an interesting element to the plot line.  I love Clara’s new powers with the ability to cross space and time.  One of my favorite moments is when she sees an earlier version of her mother.  It makes me wonder what my own children would think of an earlier version of me.  The thought is a little scary.  I highly recommend this series to angel fantasy fans.  It is definitely one of the better ones.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Discuss Clara’s relationship with Christian.  Should they be together?

What did you think “The seventh is ours” means?

Discuss Jeffery’s girlfriend.

How do you feel about what happened to Angela?

Do you think Clara should have risked everything to bring her brother back?

When Clara needs to cross over, her strongest link is Tucker’s barn.  What would your link be?

If you could cross over to a time or place, what would it be?


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