Conclusion To Angel Fantasy Halo Series Takes Us To Heaven

Heaven (Halo, #3)

Bethany and Xavier get married, much to the chagrin of her siblings and a frightening group of rogue angels known as the Seven.  The priest pays his own price for performing the rite and we get a look at the grim reaper.  Just minutes into their union, the couple goes into hiding in a cabin in the woods.  When that idea fails Gabriel and Ivy create new identities for them and send them to Ole Miss to pose as brother and sister.  That creates all kinds of interesting challenges.  Her friend from Venus Cove, Molly, shows up with a scary new boyfriend who is a Christian extremist.  It is interesting how Gabriel deals with this strange cult.  Adornetto’s descriptions of the Seven are frightening with their hollow eyes and expressionless faces. The idea of rogue angels adds a little more drama to the story, especially in the slower parts.  Xavier, surprise, surprise is not entirely human.  Bethany ends up back in Heaven and separated from Xavier.  Time moves differently and she will do anything to get back.  But to return she must make the ultimate sacrifice.  This was a decent ending to the trilogy.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Xavier and Bethany go to Ole Miss.  What is your idea of a great college and would you want to go a school like Ole Miss?

If you were Bethany would you choose to stay in heaven or go back to earth?

Is it worth all the trouble for Bethany and Xavier to be together?

What do you think about the different take on the grim reaper?

Discuss the Sevens.

If you were Gabriel would you have made that sacrifice for Xavier?

What do you think drew Molly to Wade?  What would you do if that was your friend?

What did you think of Bethany’s roomate?  Would you want her to be your roomate?  What would the ideal college roommate be like?

Talk about what Xavier really is?

If you could be an angel what kind would you want to be?

How does the author’s version of heaven compare with your own?


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