Non Stop Action In Exciting Final Firelight Book!

Hidden is the final book in the Sophie Jordan’s Firelight trilogy.  The action begins right away.  Jacinda is placing herself as bait inside the frightening ENKROS stronghold.  She allowed herself to be captured to rescue Miram.  In this book we get an idea who these people are.  They are cruel scientists who cut up the Draki, not realizing they are part human.  The Draki stay in their dragon form while in captivity, not willing to give away their greatest secret.  There Jacinda has to hold on until Will and Cassian can rescue her.  There is also the mystery of what happened to her father.  She hopes her captivity may give her some answers.  This book is full of action from start to finish.  When they escape from the ENKROS stronghold they are being tracked and have to use all of their powerful skills to evade and fight back against hunters.  Jacinda is dealing with deep emotions.  She still loves Will but has stronger feelings for Cassian now that they are bonded. She feels everything he feels. They discover the ENKROS have a prisoner who is the last of his pride, a terrifying Draki that could be just as dangerous for them as the ENKROS.  I flew through this book.  The action made this such a quick and satisfying read.  The idea of the human/dragon hybrid characters is fascinating.  I love the moments when they manifest and take flight with their strong leathery wings.  Jordan does a great job developing characters that I cared about.  Hidden will be available in September.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

What would you do with Jacinda’s fire power or Tamra’s shading power.

If you were Miram, would you understand why Jacinda choose Will over Cassian?

Discuss how Jacinda can still have feelings for Cassian when she loves Will.

Who would you choose, Will or Cassian?

Discuss the gray dragon and what happened when he finally was able to de-manifest.

What do you think ultimately happened to Jacinda’s father?

Why do you think Jable killed Miram?

Talk about how the Pride might be different with a council leader instead of a single leader.

Why do you think the Pride ultimately accepted Will?

Talk about how Will is not entirely human and what that could mean for his future.

What do you think the Draki look like?  Could you draw one?


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