I Enjoyed Alexandra Adornetto’s Hades Even More Than Halo!

I’ve been reading as much angel fantasy as I can get my hands on. I’ve said before that for the story to really take flight (yes, that pun was intended) there needs to be a religious component. Alexandra Adornetto’s second book in the Halo trilogy was a very exciting read. There is a lot of mushy love between Bethany and Xavier in the beginning, but the story really gets going when Jake Throne tricks Bethany and kidnaps her into Hades aka Hell! The author creates a vivid and frightening underworld that draws on legend with plenty of creative modern twists. Some souls are destined to club forever. They cannot stop dancing. The demons that look beautiful on the outside just barely hide the hideous disfigurement of their true selves. Jake hopes to make Bethany his bride. We find out quickly that for Jake this is not just about starting a war with Heaven, he truly loves Bethany and wants her to accept him and choose to love him back. Back on earth, Bethany’s siblings, Gabriel and Ivy, along with Xavier try to figure out how to rescue her. Both angels are tied to whatever the Heavenly Father has planned. He sends word through the magnificent archangel, Michael. The plan is cryptic and involves saving more souls along the way. The book is about sacrifice and what you would give up for the ones you love the most much more than just a simple teen love story. Heaven’s rules are complicated. Bethany often wonders if she will be left in Hell. Is someone watching over her? Will she ever see Xavier or her siblings again? The ending will make you dying to find out what happens next. I’m hoping to see as vivid as description about Heaven and she created for Hell. The third book in the trilogy, Heaven, will be published sometime in 2012.

Ideas For Discussing With Teens:

*Much of this book is religious in nature. Most of these questions take a Christian perspective.

Talk about Bethany and Xavier’s relationship. Is their love worth all the risks she is taking?

Discuss the séance and Ouija Boards. Have you ever tried one? Do you think they are real?

Why do you think Jake wants Bethany? Is it really about war? Is he capable of love?

Discuss when Bethany finds Taylah in Hades wastelands. Talk about why she ended up there. How do you feel about her final judgment?

Why would God send such a cryptic message through Michael? Why not just tell Gabriel and Ivy what to do?

Talk about Bethany’s powers to heal in Hell. Talk about her act with the small child.

Talk about how Satan himself was portrayed by the author.

Talk about how Tucker and Hannah traded their souls to help others and ultimately what happened.

Talk about how the experience changed Bethany.

What do you think Heaven will look like in the third book? What will happen next?


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