Carrie Falls In Love With NYC in Carrie Diaries Followup

Carrie is now a high school graduate and is spending the summer in New York City taking a writing course. At the end of The Carrie Diaries, Carrie was mugged and in desperation, called her friend Donna LaDonna’s cousin, Samantha Jones. Summer and the City takes off when Samantha brings Carrie to her apartment and takes her to a party. There she meets Barnard Singer, acclaimed playwright. With dreams of being a writer, she embarks on a relationship with him. Carrie is still a virgin so dating a divorced man in his 30s comes with complications. Carrie ends up staying with Samantha after getting kicked out of her summer apartment with a wacky landlady. Samantha is getting married and fans will see a different side to her. Carrie discovers thrift shops and starts taking fashion risks complete with scrubs and something called a hostess gown. A young passionate and opinionated Miranda joins the cast and it is fun to watch their friendship grow. Carrie meets an interesting group of characters from her writing class, especially the snooty Capote Duncan from the South. I enjoyed this book even more than the first. Seeing New York City through Carrie’s eyes in the 1980s is fun.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Talk about how Carrie’s relationship with Maggie changes. Who did you agree with? What would you do if your friend treated you the way Maggie treated Carrie.

If you wanted to impress someone would you lie about being able to cook like Samantha?

The book takes place in the late 1980s. Talk about how they lived and interacted without cell phones and social media.

If appropriate, talk about how pornography effects woman. Talk about Miranda’s feelings on the subject.

Discuss Carrie’s relationship with older man Bernard Singer.

Talk about Carrie’s reaction to her father’s new girlfriend.

Discuss Samantha’s need to get rid of all the things Charlie gave her.

What drew Capote and Carrie together? Talk about flings vs. undying love.


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