Dragon Shape Shifter In Steamy New Supernatural Romance

Jacinda may look human, but her skin hides a secret.  She is really a dragon or decedents of what used to be dragons.  She and members of her pride are called draki.  Their human form keeps them hidden from vicious hunters who use their blood and hides to make money.  The story begins when Jacinda goes on a forbidden flight, attracting the attention of the hunters.  She is hit and when she hides in a cave a handsome young hunter is mesmerized by her and lets her go.  Jacinda is equally mesmerized by this hunter and cannot get him out of her mind.  When the pride plans a punishment for Jacinda, her mother and twin sister run, taking Jacinda far away from the mountains where they live.  They move to a desert where Jacinda’s mother hopes her inner draki will die in the dry heat, causing her to lose her ability to manifest into dragon form.  Her mother can no longer change to her dragon form and her sister never had the gift.  Jacinda is not your average draki.  She is a fire breather, and the pride will not let her slip away.  She is promised to the prince of the tribe and they want her to breed more fire breathers. When the twins start their new school, Jacinda is shocked to see the same young hunter in the school’s halls.  His presence awakens her inner draki and causes her to start to manifest in his presence.  They are drawn to each other and can’t stay away, even though they know their love is not such a great idea.  Jacinda is drawn back to the pride and the mountains.  She can’t forget what she is, and no matter what her mother wants, she doesn’t want to let her draki go.  There is plenty of steamy love that will get the reader’s heart pumping.  I particularly love the part where Jacinda is jumped in the girl’s bathroom and she singes the mean girl with her fiery breath.  Teens and adult who love the Twilight series will really love this different kind of supernatural romance.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Talk about the relationship between Tamra and Jacinda after Jacinda is able to manifest.

Should Jacinda give up what she is to keep her mother and sister happy?  Would you give up something for your family?

Would you rather be the twin who can turn into a dragon or the normal one?

Talk about the moment in the cave… the connection between Will and Jacinda.

How do Will and Jacinda compare to other supernatural romance couples?

Talk about Jacinda’s rare gift as a fire breather.

Did you think Will recognized Jacinda when they first met at school?

Talk about the mean girls and how they impact a school and other girls.

Is it fair for the mother to want Jacinda’s draki to die?

Talk about the differences between Will and Cassian.  Which one do you prefer?

Did Will’s family have the right to kill a dragon and use the blood to save Will?  What would you do for a family member that is dying?

Discuss the moment when Jacinda finds the hunter trophy room in Will’s house.

What do you think will happen when Jacinda returns to the pride?


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