Vampire Turns Human In Gripping New Teen Read

Lenah is a 600-year-old, vicious, blood thirsty vampire queen.  But unlike many vampire characters you may have read, she hates being a vampire and longs to be human again.  As the book begins, she is waking up after a ritual performed by her maker and lover, Rhode.  He makes a sacrifice to make her human.  He leaves behind only a pile of glittering dust.  Lenah is now 16 years old again and is a student at a prestigious boarding school.  Her time is limited because her dangerous coven of vampires will be hunting her down once they discover she is gone.  If they find out she is human, she is as good as dead.  Before the ritual, Lenah slept in the ground for 100 years.  The world has changed and she is baffled by computers, TVs and the strangeness of modern music.

It is refreshing for a character to want to change from the supernatural to human.  Twilight readers will enjoy this change.  There is plenty of romance as Lenah becomes involved with Justin.  And there are flashbacks of her relationship with Rhode.  The richness of the flashbacks to her life in an English castle are what I loved the most.  I really enjoyed this one!

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

When so many characters in teen books want to become vampires why would one want to become human?  What would you choose?

Talk about Lenah’s friendship with Tony.  What drew them to each other?

What drew Justin and Lenah to each other?

Talk about how dancing in the club helped her embrace her humanity.

How is her type of vampire different than the others you’ve read?

Talk about how the vampires lose their sense of touch.  If they had to lose a sense, which would it be?

How is longing to be human different than longing to be a vampire?

Talk about the three girl clique.  Do you know any groups like them?

Talk about making sacrifices for the ones you love.  How much is too much?

Rhode says the intent of the sacrifice is the most important part.  Discuss.


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