Chilling Retelling of Cinderella!

Poppy danced in King Under Stone’s castle with her 11 sisters in Princess of the Midnight Ball.  Now to repair relations with the rest of the world after the deaths of so many princes, Poppy’s father is sending her and her sisters to the different kingdoms to forge new alliances.  Poppy is sent to Breton to the Seadown home to stay with her cousins.  The mysterious maid, Elenora is assigned to Seadown home at the same time.  She is contacted by a magical benefactress who claims to be her godmother.   The godmother gives her jewels, fantastic gowns and magical slippers made of glass.  The glass slippers are a bit more sinister, painfully turning her feet into glass.  The prince is magically drawn to her.  It is more about the magic and less about her looks.  I love the way Poppy is a strong princess.  The female characters are much more empowered than your typical Disney princess.  You don’t need to read Princess of the Midnight Ball, to enjoy this book, but it helps.  George’s description of the ball gowns is delicious!

Some ideas for discussing with teens: 

Talk about the differences between Princess of Glass and the familiar Disney version of Cinderella

Discuss the more sinister glass slippers, where her feet become glass.  What message could the author be conveying? 

Talk about the idea of falling in love with someone just after one night of dancing. 

Talk about the differences in princesses like Poppy and traditional princesses in fairy tales.

The 4th Book In The Secrets Nicholas Flamel Series Is An Exciting Read

Scathach and Joan of Arc are lost in a prehistoric time.  The Flamels and the twins have returned to San Francisco and Dr. John Dee is marked for punishment by the Elders.  Michael Scott’s 4th installment of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel hits the ground running.  The Twin quickly learn more about Scathach’s mysterious twin, Aoife.   The Flamels are aging at a rapid pace and the twins are having a hard time trusting anyone.  This proves to be too much for Josh when one of the immortals comes calling for him in his sleep.   Dr. John Dee no longer serves the elders so he creates a new plan that is even more dangerous.  This book is even more fast paced than the others.  Virginia Dare enters the story as a villian with a mysteriously powerful musical instrument.  The Witch of Endor gives us a surprising turn in the end.  It is one of my favorites in the series.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

If you could be stuck in any of the shadowrealms, which one would you pick?

How did you feel about Josh being the more powerful twin?

Talk about Michiavelli’s remorse.

Bring facts about the historical figures and legends in this book.

What do you think of Virginia Dare?

William Shakespeare is a prominant figure in the book.  Take turns reading some of his poetry out loud.