Twilight Fans Will Love This Werewolf Romance


Ever since she can remember, Grace is obsessed with the wolves that live in the woods behind her house, especially the one with the golden eyes.  As a small child she was pulled off her tire swing, dragged into the woods and attacked.  One of the wolves stopped the attack and brought her back to her yard. What Grace didn’t know is that the wolf carried her back to her yard on two legs.  A boy from her school is attacked by wolves and is presumably killed.  A hunting party goes after the wolves.  A trembling disoriented boy who has been shot shows up on her back deck.  She recognizes the eyes immediately and gets him help.

 Shiver is a supernatural romance fans of the genre will love.  Sam is an interesting character.  He is portrayed as a nice person without Edward’s more explosive possessiveness.  

 Some ideas for discussing with teens:

 Take turns reading out loud poems by Rainer Maria Rilke.  Discuss.

 Talk about how werewolves differ between this series and Twilight.

 What makes Sam different from Edward?  What makes them similar?

 Grace’s parents seem almost indifferent to her.  How does that make you feel? 

 The book ends with a bit of a cliffhanger.  What do you think will happen next?



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