I Kissed A Zombie And I Liked It

High School senior, Ally hates romance.  She and her friends run a gossip newspaper at their school where they make fun of classmates.  She normally dates guys just so she can trash them later.  She can’t wait to go away to college and get out of her small town.  That is until she meets Doug.  She just thinks he really into being goth!  He’s pale, never changes his suit and speaks really softly.  When he gets up to perform with a local vampire band he knocks her socks off when he sings Cole Porter. 

Vampires, werewolves, zombies… they all exist.  The local Megamart raised zombies from the dead to work in the stockroom.  When the other supernatural creatures found out, they came out of the shadows and demanded equal rights.  Most of the girls think vampires are cool and can’t wait to turn when they are finally 18.

This is such a hilarious spoof on supernatural romance.  Doug has an amazing personality, but he smells of embalming fluid and lives in a grave.  The vampires are really annoying emo guys.  Ally is so irritated with herself for falling in love and even considering changing her college plans to be with Doug.  This is a fun, quick read with a strong and funny female character and a love story based on character rather than just physical attraction.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Do you still think vampires are romantic after reading this book?

Doug is gross but has a great personality.  How does he relate to some of the guys you know?

Talk about Ally’s hatred of romance.  Is she realistic to you?

When Doug crumbles Ally is sad but is able to move on.  Talk about that.

Ally and her friends have a pretty snarky student paper.  Is this something your school would allow?  Is it too much like bullying?

Have any of you ever heard Cole Porter’s music?  What does the type of music we like say about us?


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