Good Fantasy Read About Angels

Ever since Meridian was a small child, she remembers the dead animals.  They come to her all the time, dying at her feet or on her pillow while she sleeps.  Now that she’s 16 she will finally learn what she really is.  She’s a Fenestra, meaning she is part angel.  She is the window which souls go through to get to the afterlife.  Now that’s she’s about to turn 16, human souls are now seeking her.  On her birthday she’s separated from her family and sent to live with an aunt who will teach her how to be a Fenestra.  There she meets Tens, a gorgeous and complicated boy who will be her protector.  Meridian arrives in her Aunt’s small town at a turbulent time.  The charismatic, cult-like preacher of a new mega church has turned the town into a place of fear.  He has his eye turned on Meridian’s Aunt, turning the town against her in a very dangerous way.  The preacher also has a link to the dark angels that are hunting Merdian and the remaining Fenestras. 

This is a great fantasy read full of romance, action and moral questions.  The angel lore makes it really interesting.  Readers who love the Twilight series will enjoy this new series as well.  I love how Meridian is both brave and doesn’t shy away from her powers and duties.  Amber Kizer’s frightening preacher character uses fear to control the townspeople for his own dark means.  I see some parallels between him and some figures in our popular culture.  Tens is an interesting character.   We get a little glimpse into his background.  I hope to learn more as the series continues.  Kizer is working on the sequel.  No release date is set at this time.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Meridian feels like a freak.  Have you ever felt that way?

Talk about the preacher. What draws people to him? 

Have you ever met someone that charismatic at your school?  For example, someone who can make others do irrational things?

Talk about Tens relationship with Meridian.  How does it differ from Twilight’s Edward and Bella?

Meridian’s Aunt creates quilts out of the lives she helps transition.  What does this symbolize to you?

What do you think will happen next?


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