House Of the Night Series Still Going Strong With Book Six (Spoiler Alert)

Tempted,  Book Six in P.C. & Kristin Cast’s House of Night series picks up right where Hunted left off.  Zoey and her friends ran off Neferet and Kalona.  After a difficult battle, they must regroup with the help of the nuns and plan their return to the House of Night.  If that wasn’t enough, Zoey must figure out her boyfriend situation.  Stark is now her sworn warrior, Heath isn’t going anywhere and Eric is as possessive as ever.  Stevie Rae comes across an injured Raven Mocker.  In a surprise move, she saves his life rather than finishes him off.  But he isn’t just any Raven Mocker.  He is Kalona’s favorite son. If keeping this secret from Zoey wasn’t enough, Stevie Rae also knows something is going wrong with the red fledglings. She wants to be their high priestess, but they have other plans.  Zoey and her friends must travel to Italy to face off with Neferet and Kalona before the Vampyre High Council. But Zoey may soon fall into a trap.

This series still has my attention, even in book six. The twins were not as annoying, for that I am very glad.  Zoey finally told possessive Eric where to go so that annoying storyline is done for now.  The strange twist at the ending has me hungry for book seven.

Book 7, Burned will be released on April 27th.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Talk about the religion.  How is the worship of Nyx similar and different than the Catholicism of the Sisters who help them?

Why do you think Stevie Rae felt the need to save the Raven Mocker?  Should she have done it? 

What will the imprint between Stevie Rae and the Raven Mocker mean?

Why do you think Zoey lost her tattoos?

Did you think Kalona had good in him? Why or why not?


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