Can Vampries Become Human Again?

I love Francesca Lia Block! I was so excited to see her write about vampires!  Pretty Dead follows vampire, Charlotte Emerson.  After her human companion’s untimely death, Charlotte starts to notice chinks in her perfection.  It starts with a broken nail, then she can cry and sweat.  Can a vampire become human again?

The author uses her beautiful dreamlike writing to show Charlotte’s travels through the decades of her 100 years.  She travels from posh city to city with a fabulous assortment of clothes.  We get the sense from Charlotte that it is not that great to be a vampire, which is a departure from many other teen vampire books.

Ideas for discussing with teens:

Talk about Francesca Lia Block’s magical realism writing.   How does she differ from other authors that write about vampries?

Why would Jared and Emily want to become vampries?

Talk about Charlotte’s transition and her loss of perfection.

What would you choose?


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