New Twists About Bianca’s Origins in Evernight’s Second Book


 Stargazer, the #2 book in Claudia Gray’s Evernight series starts with plenty of pining.  Bianca is missing Lucas terribly.  She is constantly plotting to meet him again.  Lucas’s Black Cross family still has no idea she is a vampire, a precarious situation that could get ugly very fast.  The beginning made me lose interest a little.  I became tired of all the longing.   However, when the ghosts started showing up and taking a big interest in Bianca, I was pulled right back in.  The ghosts, or wraiths, as they are called in the book, want Bianca.  She has many terrifying encounters with them before we find out why.  This part of the plot is well written and woven in a way that made me want to keep reading.  We also learn more about Balthazar’s background, which is very interesting.  He will need to form an alliance with Lucas in order to save his sister from the clutches of Black Cross.  We also find out why Bianca has a special affinity for the stars.

 Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Did Claudia’s parents have the right to lie to her about her origins?

Talk about the wraiths.  What do you think they are?  What do they represent?

Why do you think Miss Bethany really is allowing humans at Evernight?

Lucas says he will never become a vampire for Bianca, even thought he is only one bite away.  Talk about the differences between this exchange and Bella’s willingness to join Edward as a vampire.  What does this say about these two very different characters?

Balthazar wishes he had died with his parents and not been made a vampire.  Talk about whether human life or vampire immortality is more appealing.


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