Book Three Still Strong in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series


The Sorceress is full of action just like The Alchemyst and The Magician.  This time, as the title suggests, we get more of Flamel’s powerful wife, Parenell.  At the end of the Magician, she was trapped on the island of Alcatraz surrounded by monsters.  The sphinx was draining her of her powers and the Morrigan (crow goddess) showed up for a fight.  With the help of an Alcatraz ghost, and a giant spider elder, Parenell fights her way through the book. 

Josh must deal with his newly awakened powers and the magic of the sword Clarent.  New characters from history join the fight, including William Shakespeare.  Nicholas Flamel is growing older by the hour and time is running out.  I am so glad Scathach is back!  She is my favorite character!  She is a vampire you know.

 Some ideas for discussing with teens:

The phrases “the two that become one” and “the one that is all” are re used over and over again.  Do you think they mean the twins or the swords?

Talk about the history of Stonehenge.

What should the elder’s do with Dr. John Dee?

Since all the previous twins have died, should the Flamels have put the twins at risk?

Talk about Perenell’s fights on the island.  Would you have trusted the Morrigan or let her die?


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