New Vampire Romance Series – A Twilight Reverse!


Bianca senses there is something very wrong with her new school, the Evernight Academy.  She wants to go home to her small town where she grew up.  But when her parents get teaching jobs at the exclusive boarding school, she has no choice but to move.   Clearly she is surrounded by vampires.  She is one too, although we are not clued into that until later.  Bianca is different.  She is one of the rare vampires born instead of made.  A boy named Lucas is one of the few peers she can relate to in her new surroundings.  But he may be more dangerous to her and her family than anyone realizes. 

I started reading this with low expectations but I was drawn in quickly and it was hard to put down.  I really enjoy reading different authors take on vampires.  Claudia Gray’s vampires are more traditional like Dracula or Anne Rice’s Louis and Lestat.  I also enjoyed the role reversal where the girl is the more powerful one.  It’s a nice change! Evernight Academy is described in such a way I could picture the dreary castle in the isolated woods.  It is a school for centuries old vampires who are trying to assimilate to the modern world.  A good point of humor is when a vampire from the dark ages cannot understand there are not spirits inhabiting ipods and radios.  He can’t comprehend technology, thinking evil spirits are making them work instead of circuits and chips.

  Some ideas for discussing with teens:

How do you feel about the girl being a vampire this time?

Did you realize what Bianca was before she bit Lucas?

Both Bianca and Lucas were not honest with each other.  Who is the most at fault?

Where you surprised at how Bianca revealed herself?

Talk about how the Evernight series is different than other popular vampire series.  How do different authors portray the myth?

Stargazer is the second book in this series.  Hourglass will be released in 2010.

The Best House of Night Book Yet – Hunted


Ok… this was the best book in the series.  The action began with a very intimate moment where Kalona invades Zoey’s dreams.  He’s convinced she is the Cherokee woman created to imprison him.  Zoey and her friends are hiding in the tunnels with the red fledglings.  Of course Heath shows up and puts Zoey in danger again.  A Raven Mocker (the creepy man/bird children of Kalona) attacks her, leaving her close to death.  She must drink from Heath again, making their once broken imprint even stronger.  So now there’s another love triangle between herself, Heath and Erik.  And of course there is also Stark, the kid she kissed in the last book before he “died” and became a red fledgling.  He is not without his charms.

The action in this book moved much faster, making this a really fun, guilty pleasure read for me.  I can’t wait until Tempted – House of Night Book 6 which comes out in October.  Check this out while reading the book it is fun!

 Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Zoey still has a love triangle, although it is different than before.  Discuss which of the guys (if any) are right for Zoey.  Who would you rather be with, Erik, Heath or Stark?

Talk about religion.  How the worship of the Goddess Nyx is like or unlike their own religion. 

 What does it mean to be marked?  Talk about how tattoos are becoming more common.