Strong Female Character in Baseball Book For Girls!


 Eighth grader Molly loves baseball!  She can throw a wicked knuckleball pitch.  Ever since she could stand she’s been playing catch in the backyard with her father.  Her beloved father is killed in a car accident.  Molly and her mother attempt to rebuild their lives.  Molly plays girl’s softball but she craves more of a challenge. Molly tries out for the boy’s baseball team, knowing she can pitch just as well as they can.

Molly is brave and strong, while staying realistic to how an eighth grade girl would behave.

 Some ideas for discussing with teens:

Molly is not satisfied by just playing softball.  She wants to play baseball.  In your opinion is she brave or a trouble maker?

Lonnie does not fit a stereotype.  Discuss how you feel about that.

Talk about how Lonnie creates something beautiful out of the hate message left on Molly’s locker.

Molly’s friend compares her to Amelia Earhart.  Earhart’s story ended tragically.  How does she compare with Molly?

Molly looks out her window at what she perceives to be the perfect family next door.  Talk about perceptions and how they may be true or false.


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