“Need” Another Twilight Read-A-Like? Try Carrie Jones’ New Book

needZara is recovering from the death of her beloved step-father.  When her mother notices her depression deepening she sends her to live with her grandmother in cold, rural Maine.  But someone or something seems to be haunting and hunting Zara.  She sees a strange man watching her at the airport.  When he shows up at her school her new friends have a strange theory.  The man is not human at all, but a pixie… and not the friendly Tinkerbell kind.  The friends do research and learns the pixie king needs a new queen to fulfill his “need”.  It doesn’t take much imagination to realize what this “need” is.  Her new friends try to protect her, especially the gorgeous boy, Nick.  Pixies are not the only supernatural beings in town.  Zara finds out Nick is a werewolf.  When she finds out her grandmother is a weretiger the story starts getting a little better.

It wasn’t a great book, but I still enjoyed it, especially when it once it got closer to the end.  It had a Twilight feel and I think teens will really love it. So I would recommend it to them.  The story unfolded a little too quickly.  It seemed odd that Zara’s mother would send her closer to the pixies to keep her safe.  Also Zara’s new friends bonded with her and jumped to the pixie theory a little too quickly.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

1.  Talk about the meaning of Zara’s name.

2.  Did you realize Nick was a werewolf?  Or did you think the people were pixies?

3.  What did you expect the pixies to look like without the glamour?

4.  What kind of “were” would you like to be?

5.  Brainstorm possible plots for more Twilight read-a-likes.


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