House of Night Book 4 – Untamed


Ok, I almost gave up part way through this one.  The twins really did get on my last nerves.  But later on I was hooked once again and enjoyed the last part of the book.  I am glad I stuck with it.

A new character, Stark, is introduced.  He has a rare gift that makes him a renowned archer.  Is his transfer to Oklahoma’s House of Night part of Neferet’s evil plan?   MWaa Haa Haa Haa!  You bet! 

Zoey makes up with her friends and reveals the much changed Stevie Rae.  An even more powerful priestess comes to House of Night, and the Goddess Nyx makes an appearance to Zoey and Aphrodite.  We learn the extent of Neferet’s evil plan.  I love how Zoey’s grandmother becomes involved.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

1.  What should Zoey have shared with the powerful high priestess?

2.  Talk about the new friendship between Zoey and Neferet.  Can old enemies become friends?  Have you ever had that happen?

3.  Should Zoey have gotten her grandmother involved?

4.  Where do you think the story is going with the red fledglings?

5.  Who do you think murdered the professors?

The fifth House of Night book – Hunted comes out on March 10th.


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