If Your Teens Loved Twilight – Impossible by Nancy Werlin Is A Good Book To Pass Along


Lucy Scarborough is part of a long line of cursed women who become pregnant at age 17.  Once the baby is born they descend into madness.  When a supernatural creature enters the lives of Lucy and her foster family, he sets the ancient curse into motion.   Lucy must complete three impossible tasks to break the curse and keep her sanity.  The book is inspired by the folk song “Scarborough Fair.”  Lucy is lucky she has the support of her family as they help her attempt the three tasks.

I suggest this book to Twilight lovers because of the supernatural element.  Also the boy who loves Lucy is almost too good to be true.  The girls who love Edward will enjoy Zach’s character.  My supervisor, Kristin said it best, when she said “fairies are more likely to exist than this guy.”  Zach loves her and stands by her even though she is pregnant with another man’s child.  I think characters like Edward and Zach may give teenage girls higher standards to look for in boyfriends, which is not a bad thing!  Impossible is a really interesting story.  When I suggested this book to teens in my high school book group they were very excited!

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

1. Read the song lyrics to Scarborough Fair.  Discuss what they think the song means.

2. What do the teens think is going on when the women go mad?  We get a glimpse later in the book.  What do they think is happening to the women’s minds as they are enslaved by the Elfin Knight?

3. Is Zach realistic?  Do they know any boys like him?  What should they expect from boyfriends?

4.  Talk about the three tasks.  How would they go about solving the riddle?


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