Sci-Fi disguised as a girl book! I love it!

jenna-foxThe part about the Jenna Fox waking up after a year long coma was intriguing enough, but when she starts to believe her body is not really her own it gets really good!

The Adoration of Jenna Fox, by Mary E. Pearson delves into how far a person would go to save or “keep” the person they love.  All we know about Jenna is that she’s been asleep for a year in a coma.  She wakes up in a new town trying to remember who she is.  Did she have friends?  Why are they living across the country from where her father works?  Why does her grandmother hate her?  The biggest question of all… why does her body feel so different?  Why can’t she recognize her hands?

I would assume this is in the somewhat distant future.  The second woman was elected president and the polar bears are now extinct.  There are also laws against certain kinds of medical experiments.  The book becomes more like a science fiction story as it goes on.  This would be a great  book to use to introduce a girl to a new genre.  The butterfly cover makes it look girly, however the meaning of the butterfly in the story is not what you would expect.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

1.  As Jenna discovers there is something not quit right, what did you think was happening to her?

2.  What would you have done if Jenna was your daughter?

3.  Should these types of science experiments be outlawed?

4.  Should Ally have reported Jenna’s parents?  Would you?

5.  What would you what Kara did for Locke and Kara?  Did she have the right?  How do you think she was hearing them?

6.  Was the book what you expected from looking at the cover?

7.  Would you read more books like this?


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