I Am Still Loving The House of Night Series, even if I am alone in this thought!

chosenI read some scathing reviews of this one, but I have to say I still liked it.  It is not the best written book in the world and it is predictable, but I’m strangely ok with that.  This series has become such a guilty pleasure for me and I couldn’t put this one down.

Zoey is still juggling three boyfriends in a very slutty and naughty fashion.  Her best friend is a bad smelling, blood sucking undead, stereotypical vampire.  Plus, she’s on the bad side of the powerful high priestess, Neferet.  Zoey must choose between the three hot smoking men in her life and she must try and heal the undead friend.  She does all this while keeping her secrets from her best friends.  We all know best friends do not like it when this happens.  So, predictably her friends turn their backs on her.  It is all part of Neferet’s evil plan.  Mwahaahaaa!  I am assuming Neferet is doing something to create some kind of gross undead vampyre army so she can go to war against the humans.

I think I like it because I’m drawn to the different take on vampire lore.  They are almost like witches with their worship of the goddess, Nyx and the ability to do magic by casting circles.  The vampires are marked instead of made.  They go to a boarding school to make the mysterious change from fledgling to full vampyre.  I like the spelling too.

Some ideas for discussing this with teens:

1. Ask them where they think this story is going?  What do they think of Neferet’s evil plan. 

2.  Why do they think Aphrodite became unmarked?  Do they agree that you have to give up something to make a change for the better?

3.  Which of the boyfriends would they have chosen?

4.  Each of the vampyre fledglings can change their name if they choose.  What name would they pick?  Would they change their name at all?

5.  Stevie Ray becomes something gross, but Zoey refuses to turn her back on her.  Discuss friendship, especially what happens if a friend changes.

6.  Why do you think Zoey kept all her secrets from her friends?  How could she have handled this differently?  Or did she handle it just right?


One comment

  1. wow and i just finished the third book like yesterday and it was so sad and i really wanted erik and zoey to be together and i think that they might get back together in the last book i think and i hope that zoeys friends trust her again.

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