King of Thorn Rocks (Just a little Madusa humor!)

king-of-thorn-5king-of-thorn-4king-of-thorn-3king-of-thorn-2king-of-thorn-1King of Thorn is my favorite manga series.  Ok, it is one of the few I’ve actually read, but this has a great storyline that pulled me in right away.  Twin sisters, Kasumi and Shizuku are infected with the Medusa virus.  This virus slowly turns its victims to stone.  But there is hope!  Scientists are putting victims in cold storage until a cure can be found.  There is only room for one more,  Kasumi will be saved because her symptoms are not as bad. 

Kasumi wakes after what seems like minutes into a world she cannot recognize.  Terrifying monsters and thorny vines cover the lab.  Kasumi and a small group of survivers (who aren’t eaten by the monsters) try to find help and what the heck is going on. 

Yuji Iwahara created King of Thorn is in six volumns.  It is full of action and mystery.  The virus may not be a just a virus after all.  And has Kasumi’s twin sister been following her around all this time?  And are the people who die really dead?

I used this for a teen science fiction book discussion and the boys loved it!


One comment

  1. Jonah from Noble: “Good storyline and artwork…looking forward to reading the rest of the series.”

    Sam: This site is awesome. Keep up the very awesome work.

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