Zoey Is Back In Second House of Night Book With Even Better Tattoos

 betrayedIn Marked, Zoey had an incling that she shouldn’t trust Neferet.  She was right.  Something very freaky is going on with the fledglings which do not survive the change.  Everyone thinks they are dead.  But Zoey has seen them and they are definitely not ghosts.  When football players from Zoey’s old school start disappearing, Zoey and her friends know they have to figure out what’s going on.  Then Zoey witnesses something terrifying and disturbing involving Neferet and one of the fledglings that is supposed to be dead.  The search for the truth about the undead fledglings becomes more painful for Zoey as she loses one of the friends she loves the most.

At the same time Zoey has to plan her first Full Moon Ritual as the leader of the Dark Daughters. And she’s juggling three guys, her old human boyfriend, Heath, her new hot vampyre boyfriend, Erik and the mysteriously delicious vampyre poet laureate, Loren.  Zoey’s blood lust deepens in this book and we learn more about the powerful imprinting between vampyre and human blood host.

Some ideas for discussing with teens:

1.  Zoey has strong feelings whenever she should not say something to her mentor, Neferet.  Have you ever had a similar feeling about an adult you were close to?

2.  Zoey is juggling three guys.  Who would you pick?  Loren, Heath or Erik?

3.  Zoey learns more about Aphrodite as she watches her getting yelled at by her parents.  Would witnessing this make you think differently about Aphrodite?

4.  Aphrodite starts to help Zoey.  Do you think they should become friends?  Have you ever been in that kind of situation?

5.  What are your predictions about book 3, The Chosen?  What do you think will happen with the undead fledglings?
Book two kept me interested enough to move onto book three. I love the different world P.C. and Kristen Cast created between humans and vampyres. How they are not really undead and have

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