I Loved Harry Potter, What Else Should I Read? How About The Magician: The Secret Life of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

When someone, young or older, asks me “I’ve read all the Harry Potter books, do you have anything else like that?”  I jump up and down and say. “Yes, I have just the thing!”

Nicholas Flamel, who is mentioned in the Sorceror’s Stone is the main character in series, The Secret Life of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.  Michael Scott takes real figures in history and turns them into a race of immortal people.  Some are villians, trying to bring the dark elders back to rule the earth, while others are fighting them to prevent it.  FLamel has the help of Sophie and Josh, who are a set of twins with pure gold and silver auras.  They are assisted by a colorful cast from mythology and history.

Dr. John Dee is one of the main villains.  He wants to get his hands on the book of Abraham the Mage, which among other things holds the recipe to the elixir of life.  According to the John Dee Society, John Dee was a philosopher to Queen Elizabeth.  He did her horoscope and determined her coronation date astrologically.

Niccolo Machiavelli joins Dee in the second book, The Magician.  He lived from 1469-1527 in Florence.  He was a great writer whose most famous work is The Prince.  He wrote this work to tell rulers how to stay in power.   The adjective, “Machiavellian” comes from this work.

We all know about Joan of Arc.  But in this tale she is married to The Comte De St. Germain.  He was mix of man and legend.   According to Annie Besant’s book, The Comte De St. Germain, he was a known alchemist who was rumored to live 2,000 years.  In Scott’s book he is an immortal, and he’s a rock star.

The Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife and fertility.  She is also known as the crow goddess.  Sometimes she is known as a single goddess in crow form or a trio of goddesses, known as Badb, Macha or Nemain.  She makes a pretty scary villain.

Scathach helps Flamel and protects the twins.  She is a Gaelic goddess of the dead.   She would guide those killed in battle to Tir Nan Og, the Land of Eternal Youth and Beauty.  In Scott’s book she is also a vampire.

Flamel and his wife Perenelle were real people.  According to Scott’s research, Flamel was an alchemist.  He and his wife left Paris to return many years later with great wealth.  They also had not aged.  When they later died, grave robbers broke into their tomb to find it empty.  This fed the rumor they were immortal.

Ideas for discussion with teens:

1.  Talk about all the characters in mythology and history.  Encourage them to explore.

2.  Talk about the differences in magic.  In Harry Potter the characters cast spells constantly without tiring.  In this series, they must charge up their aura to perform the magic and are tired very easily.  They must make choices and store up their magic.

3.  Which magic would they like to be able to perform?  Air, Water, Earth or Fire?  What would they do with it?

4.  What other great characters in history would make great villains or protagonists?


The Alchemyst is Micheal Scott’s first book.  The Magician is the second and the Sorceress is the third book which will be released in May of 2009.  I can’t wait to read it!


One comment

  1. I loved the Alchemyst. I am currently reading the Magician, I am 3/4’s done with the book and heading off to read Inkspell after The Magician

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