What Keeps You Up All Night?

This new book of short stories just might!  A little brother’s sick pet.  A creepy new step-dad.  A rock concert.  A poolside revelation.  Searching for the mother you never met.  A supernatural experience with a computer.  Six popular authors each wrote a short story that begins at sunset.

Libba Bray, who wrote A Great And Terrible Beauty, writes about a road trip, a rock concert, and finding out your parents are not who you think they are.

Peter Abraham who writes the Echo Falls Mystery series, writes about a family who’s dad is killed in Iraq.  The mother becomes obsessed with contacting the dead father, giving a psychic a bunch of money.  Her two sons try a trick of their own to stop this, and find their own link to the supernatural.

Gene Luen Yang, who wrote, American Born Chinese, creates a mini graphic novel about searching for just who we are.

The other three authors are Sarah Weeks, Patricia McCormack & David Levithan.


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