Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

There is no shortage of opinions out there about the final installment of Twilight.  I avoided them until I finished the book so I could enjoy it in peace.  Over all I have to say, I liked it.  It was a nice happy ending. 

Disgruntled fans, what do you expect? It is a romance novel!

I will agree that Bella’s transition from human to vampire was a little too easy.  She was able to walk away from those tasty human hikers a little too quickly.  I am a fan of Anne Rice.  If you are too, you know how her characters suffer while making this transformation.  Bella was a little sappy, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her man, which has us more seasoned females gnashing our teeth.  But Stephenie Meyer never promised a great feminist character,  Bella is what she is, flaws and all.

I was lucky enough to host a book discussion a few weeks ago at the library.  About six girls attended.  They range from junior high to high school.  They had some great insights I would like to share with you.  Most of them were pro-Edward.  They like how he seemed to really love Bella,  They thought Jacob was too obnoxious.  One like Jacob because Edward seemed too old. 

They all felt there was too much sex in the book, which I found interesting.  Even thought Bella and Edward were married, they felt they could do without what little details Stephenie offered.  They were confused about the broken furniture.  I did not elaborate for them (hee hee.)

They wished there was an all out battle between the Voturi and the Cullens.  I have to say I’m glad there wasn’t.  Wise Carslile was able to make his case and defeat the Voturi with his ideas, not his supernatural powers.  I say, “Bravo Stephenie!”, good arguments can be more powerful than fists and sharp teeth.

We all wished Jacob could have found love with Leah.  The Renesmee imprinting was a strange but interesting twist.  But we all felt bad for Leah in the end.

One of the girls had an interesting idea for the end.  What if Edward gave up his powers and became human so he could grow old with Bella and have normal human babies?  That would have been a very interesting way to go.

When discussing the Twilight series with teens I would recommend the following:

1.  Talk about the story line in New Moon where Bella thinks about Romeo, Juliet and Paris.  What if Paris was a really great guy like Jacob, who was her best friend?  Would Juliet have been better off with Paris?

2.  Should a girl really have to change who she is for a boy she loves?  In this case Bella did all the changing, not Edward.

3.  What is it about Edward that is so appealing?  He is nearly one-hundred years old.  You can discuss how dating has changed since Edward was a real teenager.

I am so glad I read this series!  It was great fun.  The girls in the book group talked non-stop for two hours.  That’s teenage girls, passionately discussing a book, for two hours.  That alone is very exciting to me!

Stephenie Meyer, I will read whatever you care to write!  Please keep it up!


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